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Israel blames Iran for Thai bombings

CNN – Feb 15, 2012

Israel's defense minister blamed Iran for a series of bombings in the Thai capital of Bangkok Tuesday, a day after attacks against the country's diplomats in India and Georgia. "The attempted terror attack in Thailand proves once again that Iran and its proxies continue to operate in the ways of terror and the latest attacks are an example of that," said Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who issued the statement from Singapore, where he is currently traveling. "Iran and Hezbollah are unrelenting terror elements endangering the stability of the ...


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Banner announced apparent opening of Iranian embassy in Tel Aviv . this is a picture of the banner which appeared in the Israeli media and the social media./ Ramallah: A ‘performance art’ banner ...

  Yahoo! News - One hour ago

China and the United States stressed the positives in their complex relationship on Friday during meetings between U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Chinese officials ahead of a U.S. ...

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US President Barack Obama's key national security aide and China's top foreign policy official hinted at tensions that divide them on Friday ahead of a state visit to Washington by Chinese ...

  UPI - One hour ago

Iran must ignore the lower price of crude oil and work to increase the rate of production to ensure its share of the market, the country's oil minister said. Iran, since reaching a multilateral ...

  Yahoo! News - Two hours ago

Bolstered by heavy weaponry and Gulf troops as well as Yemeni fighters trained in Saudi Arabia, loyalists have retaken Aden and four other southern provinces and are currently fighting for control ...

  Yahoo! News - Two hours ago

JERUSALEM (AP) — The U.S. Department of the Treasury's sanctions chief is visiting Israel amid concerns in Jerusalem over the nuclear deal with Iran. It said in a statement that Adam Szubin, the ...

  Yahoo! News - Three hours ago

People walk past a large billboard depicting both national flags of Israel (right) and Iran reading ''The Iranian embassy in Israel will open soon'' in central Tel Aviv on August 27, 2015 (AFP ...

  USA Today - Three hours ago

WASHINGTON — President Obama has invited Saudi Arabian King Salman to the White House next week, as the White House continues to try to build support for an Iran nuclear deal at home and abroad. ...

  Hindustan Times - Three hours ago

Majid Majidi hopes the film will improve Islam's 'violent image'. Seen here, female actors perform on the film's set. (AFP)/ Iran's most expensive ever movie, "Muhammad", which chronicles the ...

  Yahoo! News - Four hours ago

Yemeni government forces intend to launch the battle for Sanaa within two months and steps are already under way to break the grip of Houthi fighters who controlled the capital for nearly a year, ...

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  • Iran: Low oil prices no production deterrent - UPI
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  • 'Muhammad: Messenger of God' premieres to sold-out theaters in Iran - Fox News
  • Iran premieres top-budget epic film 'Muhammad', wins praise worldwide - Hindustan Times
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  Radio Free Europe – Aug 26, 2015
  • Hoping for domestic reform, Iranian activists back nuclear deal - Yahoo! News
  • Hoping for domestic reform, Iranian activists back nuclear deal - Reuters
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  • Iran urges US to release 19 detainees - Yahoo! News
  • Report: Iran not considering prisoner swap for Washington Post reporter ... - USA Today
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  • Dick Cheney to hammer Iran deal in September speech - CNN
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  • Britain, reopening Tehran embassy, says to tread carefully with Iran - Reuters
  • Britain reopens ransacked Iran embassy, signaling thaw - Christian Science Monitor
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  • Iran says an OPEC emergency meeting may stop oil price slide: Shana - Reuters
  • Opec emergency meet may stop oil price slide: Iran - India Times
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  • Reports: Israeli leaders drew up plans to attack Iranian military - CNN
  • Netanyahu pressed for Iran attacks, but was denied -ex-defence chief - Gulf Times
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The logo of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is pictured at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, August 21, 2015./ Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh wave to journalists as he arrives for a meeting of OPEC oil ministers at OPEC's headquarters in Vienna December 4, ...

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Iran's most expensive ever movie, "Muhammad", which chronicles the childhood of the Muslim prophet, opened nationwide on Thursday, winning praise from early audiences./ Directed by Majid Majidi, the 171-minute, visually stunning film cost around $40 million (35.7 million euros), partly funded by ...

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Film director Jafar Panahi (left) and human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh are two prominent Iranians inside the country who have joined the campaign./ Parvin Fahimi, who lost her son to repression by the Iranian state, hopes the agreement global powers reached with Tehran on its nuclear program ...

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Iran's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has again raised the issue of 19 Iranians held in the U.S., calling for them to be released amid the trial of a detained Marzieh Afkham did not specifically mention journalist Jason Rezaian by name in her comments Wednesday at a news conference. However, it ...

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The White House is on the verge of securing the votes it needs to prevent Congress from blocking the nuclear agreement with Iran despite fierce opposition from and a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign against the deal. A steady trickle of Democrats has come out in favour of the deal in ...

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Iran's most expensive ever movie, "Muhammad", which chronicles the childhood of the Muslim prophet, opened nationwide on Thursday, winning praise from early audiences./ Directed by Majid Majidi, the 171-minute, visually stunning film cost around $40 million (35.7 million euros), partly funded by ...

  Huffington Post - Aug 26, 2015

The presidential hopeful presents his opinions as facts./ Huckabee said “no American aircraft would be able to get through” the S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system that Iran plans to install. U.S. military officials and arms control experts dispute that assertion, including one expert ...

  Huffington Post - 15 hours ago

agreed to a landmark nuclear deal in Vienna. The controversial agreement, if ratified, will lift international sanctions on Iran in exchange for a credible Iranian commitment to end its quest for a nuclear bomb. Considering the extensive debate on the agreement's merits, the lack of attention ...

  Yahoo! News - 19 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says next week's visit by Saudi Arabia's King Salman will include talks about Yemen, Syria and Iran's actions to destabilize the region. The visit on Sept. 4 comes amid Saudi concerns about the Iranian nuclear deal. Spokesman Josh Earnest says the visit ...

  Bloomberg - 19 hours ago

Energy pact could be signed on Iran as early as November/ Agreement depends on U.S. review of nuclear pact with Iran/ The European Union is working on a political agreement that would set the stage for future energy deals in Iran, two people with direct knowledge of the talks said. The agreement ...

  Yahoo! News - 20 hours ago

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Rejecting the Iran nuclear deal would lead to diplomatic isolation for the United States and significantly undermine Washington's ability to achieve other foreign policy goals, the U.S. envoy to the United Nations said on Thursday. In an article published on the ...

  Yahoo! News - 22 hours ago

Having struck a historic nuclear deal to end decades of enmity between Iran and the West, President Hassan Rouhani faces a fresh challenge at home, to win the release of leading political prisoners whose case has polarized the Islamic Republic. Former presidential candidates Mir Hussein Moussavi ...

  Huffington Post - 15 hours ago

Can a tweet, comment, like, or share on Twitter and Facebook really be an effective tool for activism? According to American Amir Hekmati, it has possibly saved his life. In August of 2011, Amir Hekmati traveled to Iran to visit his ailing grandmother for the first time. Two weeks into his visit ...

  Press TV - 15 hours ago

This photo shows a view of the preliminary-round match between Iran (in white) and South Korea at the 2015 FIVB Volleyball Men's U23 World Championship in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on August 25, 2015./ Iran men's national junior volleyball team has continued to assert its dominance at the ...

  Huffington Post - 18 hours ago

My wife and I are classic, Jewish liberal voters - the kind that vote 80 percent for Democratic candidates. While we supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, we were content to vote for Barack Obama for President. And yes, we were moved by the thought that an African-American would become president of ...

  LA Times - 19 hours ago

Actor Ed Asner, center, speaks to MoveOn members and allies in front of Rep. Lieu's office in Los Angeles during a rally to urge Lieu to support the Iran deal on Aug. 26./ Actor Ed Asner, center, speaks to MoveOn members and allies in front of Rep. Lieu's office in Los Angeles during a rally to ...

  Press TV - 21 hours ago

Iranian Vice President Sorena Sattari (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) are touring the MAKS air show near Moscow./ An official has admitted Iranian aviation companies’ interest in Russia’s Superjet passenger planes amid Tehran’s quest for new aircraft to build up the country’s aging ...

  Yahoo! News - 22 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that Iran is broadly complying with agreements on curtailing its nuclear program in its first update since last month's deal between Tehran and world powers. The IAEA says Iran's level of uranium enrichment, nuclear research and ...

  Yahoo! News - 23 hours ago

Iran appears to have built an extension to part of its Parchin military site since May, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said in a report on Thursday delving into a major part of its inquiry into possible military dimensions to Tehran's past atomic activity./ A resolution of the International Atomic ...

  Reuters - 23 hours ago

An image distributed by Islamic State militants on social media on August 25, 2015 purports to show the destruction of a Roman-era temple in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. REUTERS/Social Media/ The winds of change are unexpectedly blowing through the Levant. In the aftermath of the Iran ...

  Yahoo! News - Aug 27, 2015

NEW YORK (AP) — Researchers have linked a sophisticated hacking scheme targeting Iranian dissidents back to Iran./ A report released Thursday by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs describes how the hackers used text message and phone-based phishing to ...

  Yahoo! News - Aug 27, 2015

Yemeni supporters of the Shiite Huthi rebel movement rally to protest a military offensive by a Saudi-led coalition, on August 24, 2015 in the capital Sanaa (AFP Photo/Mohammed Huwais)/ Dubai (AFP) - Human Rights Watch on Thursday urged the Saudi-led coalition battling Iran-backed rebels in ...

  Yahoo! News - Aug 27, 2015

Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)has taken advantage of the chaos caused by months of fighting between pro-government forces and Iran-backed Shiite rebels, to seize Mukalla, pictured (AFP Photo/Fawaz al-Haidari)/ Aden (AFP) - An apparent US drone strike killed five Al-Qaeda suspects in the ...

  VOA News - Seven hours ago

A senior U.S. Treasury official will travel to Israel this week to discuss the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers with senior Israeli Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Adam Szubin will be in Israel from Friday through Monday, the Treasury said in a ...

  Press TV - 11 hours ago

This photo shows a view of the preliminary match between Iran (in red) and the United Arab Emirates at the 2015 FIVB Volleyball Men's U23 World Championship in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on August 24, 2015./ Iran men's national junior volleyball team has put in an impressive performance at ...