Iran Parliament Approves Budget Based on $81.5 Crude Oil Price

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Iran Parliament Approves Budget Based on $81.5 Crude Oil Price

Bloomberg - May 10, 2011

’s parliament has approved a budget of 5,083 trillion rials ($480 billion) based on an oil price of $81.5 a barrel for the current Iranian year, state-run media including the The budget for this ...

Iran approves $508 billion budget for 2012

Al-Arabiya - May 9, 2011

hit Iran has approved a $508 billion budget bill for 2012 that is 40 percent bigger than the one approved for 2011, The Associated Press reported from the official IRNA news agency on Monday. ...

Iran approves $508B budget

Forbes - May 9, 2011

- Iran's parliament has signed off on a $508 billion budget bill that is about 40 percent bigger than that approved the previous calendar year, state media reported on Monday. The increase in the ...

Iran bases budget on oil around $81.50 per barrel

Reuters - May 8, 2011

Iran is basing the oil price for its 2011/12 budget at around $81.50 per barrel and expects the price of oil to pick up again during the start of the summer season, Iran's OPEC governor told ...

'Crude oil prices to rise by summer'

Press TV - May 8, 2011

Iran's OPEC Governor Mohammad Ali Khatibi says global crude oil prices are expected to recover by the beginning of the summer season./ Khatibi told Reuters in a phone interview on Sunday that the ...