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نوروز – ۸ ژانویه ۲۰۱۰

کاربران اینترنتی از نخستین ساعات امروز از دسترسی به سایت مجمع روحانیون مبارز محروم شده اند. به گزارش کلمه، روز گذشته نیز سایت های شیعه، پارسینه و تابان نیوز فیلتر شده بودند.


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Nuclear deal will 'pave the way' for Iran, Netanyahu says

Fox News – Seven hours ago
  • Israeli PM slams possible Iran deal (Xinhua)
  • Lausanne deal would pave way for nuclear-armed Iran: Netanyahu (Yahoo! News)
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Pakistan struggles with Yemen coalition dilemma

Yahoo! News – 44 minutes ago
  • Civilian deaths mount as Yemen falls apart (CBS News)
  • Iran says could cooperate with Saudi to solve Yemen crisis (Reuters)
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No nuke agreement yet: Iran talks push past deadline

Washington Post – Seven hours ago
  • Agreement in principle on outlines of Iran deal: Russian FM (Yahoo! News)
  • Iran Told to Make Deal by Dawn With Talks Set to Miss Deadline (Bloomberg)
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Morning Plum: Iran deal creates complications for both parties

Washington Post – Nine hours ago
  • Congress, Obama head for Iran showdown, regardless of talks outcome (Reuters)
  • White House readies Iran nuclear deal sales pitch to skeptical Congress (CNN)
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Iraq PM declares 'liberation' of Tikrit from IS

Yahoo! News – 16 hours ago
  • Pentagon Denies Iran Report that Coalition Airstrikes Killed 2 Iranians (VOA News)
  • Iran levels drone strike charge as nuke deal deadline looms, US denies ... (Fox News)
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Canada-based Iranian filmmaker 'in good shape' in Evin prison

Reuters – March 30, 2015
  • Iranian filmmaker with ties to Canada arrested in Iran (Yahoo! News)
  • Canadian Filmmaker Arrested in Iran, CBC Says (Wall Street Journal)
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Iran Confirms Journalist Defected

Radio Free Europe – March 30, 2015
  • Report: Iran journalist defects while covering nuclear talks (Yahoo! News)
  • Report: Iran journalist defects while covering nuclear talks (Washington Post)
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Turkish President Warns Iran About Trying to Dominate Middle East

VOA News – March 30, 2015
  • Erdogan says Iran visit still on despite 'domination' row (Yahoo! News)
  • Iran summons Turkish charge d'affaires over Erdogan comments (Reuters)
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Iran nuclear talks: Is Tehran backpedaling?

CNN – March 30, 2015
  • UPDATE 2-Setbacks and progress as Iran, six powers meet to end nuclear ... (Reuters)
  • Iran Deal Unlikely Before March 31 as Russia Leaves Talks (Bloomberg)
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UN staff flee Yemen as Hadi urges decisive campaign

Yahoo! News – March 28, 2015
  • Yemen's president calls Shiite rebels 'stooges of Iran' (USA Today)
  • Iran accuses Turkish leader Erdogan of fomenting regional strife (Reuters)
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