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روزنامه شرق منتشر شد

البرز – ۱۱ آوریل ۲۰۱۰

از امروز روزنامه شرق منتشر و توزیع شد. این روزنامه که مشی اصلاح دارد در ۱۶ صفحه و به قیمت پانصد تومان ارائه شد. توپولوف رییس جمهور ارمنستان را هم کشت تیتر یک امروز این روزنامه است. در اولین شماره شرق پس از توقیی که سال ۸۶ داشت، گفت وگو با ستاری فر و یادداشتهایی از پور نجاتی و بهمن کشاورز وجود دارد .



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Saudi soldier killed in Yemen border clash

Yahoo! News – One hour ago
  • Iran, Saudis on Collision Course over Yemen (VOA News)
  • Iran Warns Saudi Arabia on Yemen Airstrikes (Wall Street Journal)
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Corrected - Indian delegation to visit Iran to discuss oil deals

Reuters – Apr 17, 2015
  • Indian delegation to visit Iran to discuss oil deals (The Malaysian Insider)
  • Indian delegation in Tehran for oil talks (Press TV)
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China hopes for progress in Iran nuke talks

Xinhua – Apr 17, 2015
  • Vienna to host next round of nuclear talks (Tehran Times)
  • Complicated talks required to conclude Iran nuclear deal: China (Press TV)
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Obama downplays Russia weapons system sale to Iran

CNN – 21 hours ago
  • Obama says will sign bill allowing Congress to review Iran deal (Reuters)
  • Russia lifts ban on air defense sale to Iran. A game changer? (Christian Science Monitor)
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Locals worry about al Qaeda threat as tribesmen seize east Yemen

Yahoo! News – Apr 17, 2015
  • Clerics In Saudi Arabia, Iran Cast Political Rivalry Over Yemen As ... (Huffington Post)
  • Saudi strikes on Iran-backed rebels in Yemen stoke sectarianism across ... (Fox News)
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Is Congress sabotaging a nuclear deal with Iran?

CNN – Apr 16, 2015
  • Congress changes rules on Iran: Opposing view (USA Today)
  • A necessary and bipartisan safeguard on the Iran deal (Washington Post)
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Iraq Uneasy About Iran General's Battlefield Visibility

VOA News – Apr 16, 2015
  • Iraq signals unease with Iran general's battlefield prominence (Reuters)
  • Iraq PM welcomes Iran aid, but says must respect sovereignty (Yahoo! News)
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Putin says S-300 sale to Iran prompted by progress in nuclear talks

Yahoo! News – Apr 16, 2015
  • Vladimir Putin Defends Move To Approve Sale Of Missile System To Iran (Huffington Post)
  • Putin Says Iran Seeks Nuclear Accord as He Defends Missile Deal (Bloomberg)
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Israel premier likens Iran to Nazis at Holocaust remembrance

Washington Post – Apr 16, 2015
  • Israelis stand in silent tribute to Holocaust dead (Yahoo! News)
  • Israel's Netanyahu Likens Iran To Nazis (Huffington Post)
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Iran to appoint first female ambassador since 1979 Islamic Revolution

Al-Arabiya – Apr 16, 2015
  • Iran to name first female ambassador since 1979: media (Yahoo! News)
  • Iran to appoint first female ambassador (Gulf News)
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