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روزنامه شرق منتشر شد

البرز – ۱۱ آوریل ۲۰۱۰

از امروز روزنامه شرق منتشر و توزیع شد. این روزنامه که مشی اصلاح دارد در ۱۶ صفحه و به قیمت پانصد تومان ارائه شد. توپولوف رییس جمهور ارمنستان را هم کشت تیتر یک امروز این روزنامه است. در اولین شماره شرق پس از توقیی که سال ۸۶ داشت، گفت وگو با ستاری فر و یادداشتهایی از پور نجاتی و بهمن کشاورز وجود دارد .


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Iran may run centrifuges at fortified site

Al-Arabiya – One hour ago
  • Diplomats voice optimism on reaching Iran deal by Tuesday deadline (CNN)
  • On an Iran deal, reports of concessions galore (Washington Post)
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US, Iran nuke talks enter critical round ahead of deadline

Yahoo! News – 14 hours ago
  • Negotiators at Iran Talks Said to Aim for March 29 Agreement (Bloomberg)
  • Optimism for nuclear deal grows as Iran talks resume (LA Times)
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Yemen rebel chief slams 'unjustified' Saudi intervention

Yahoo! News – 15 hours ago
  • Has Iran overreached itself in Yemen? (Huffington Post)
  • Iran demands immediate halt to military actions in Yemen (Reuters)
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UPDATE 1-Iran storing 30 million barrels of oil at sea

Reuters – March 25, 2015
  • Iran has a little surprise for the oil market that's ready to ship (India Times)
  • Iran storing 30 million barrels of oil at sea (Trend)
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Schlumberger fined $232.7mn for breaking Iran, Sudan sanctions

Yahoo! News – March 25, 2015
  • Schlumberger pleads guilty to violating US sanctions on Iran, Sudan (Reuters)
  • Schlumberger Unit Expected to Plead Guilty to Violating Iran, Sudan ... (Wall Street Journal)
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Iran denies UN request for snap inspections of nuclear sites

Christian Science Monitor – March 24, 2015
  • Iran official criticizes demand for snap inspections of nuclear sites, ... (Fox News)
  • Official: Iran won't accept snap inspections of nuke sites (Yahoo! News)
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Israeli minister warns French against 'bad accord' with Iran

Yahoo! News – March 24, 2015
  • Israel's Steinitz says world powers, Iran likely to agree bad nuclear deal (Reuters)
  • Israel says West, Iran likely to agree on 'bad deal' for Iranian ... (Christian Science Monitor)
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Israel Denies Spying On U.S. Handling Of Iran Negotiations

Huffington Post – March 24, 2015
  • Key crises in US-Israel ties (Yahoo! News)
  • Report: Israel spied on nuclear talks with Iran (CBS News)
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Iran Urges World To Find 'Common Position' For Nuclear Deal

Huffington Post – March 23, 2015
  • Iran urges world to find 'common position' for nuclear deal (Yahoo! News)
  • Iran urges world powers to find 'common position' as nuclear ... (Fox News)
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CIA director says US will keep pressure on Iran over nuclear ...

Fox News – March 22, 2015
  • Israel launches bid to influence Iran nuclear deal (Yahoo! News)
  • CIA Chief Warns Of 'Tremendous' Consequences For Iran (Huffington Post)
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