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انتقال احمدی امویی، جلالی فر، قربان پور، سقر، متین پور و علیخانی به انفرادی ۲۰۹

امروز – ۱۲ ژوئن ۲۰۱۲

عصر روز دوشنبه ٢٢خرداد، زندانیان بند ٣۵٠ در حین برگزاری مراسم سالگرد شهادت هدی صابر بودند با هجوم گارد ویژه مواجه شدند. به گزارش کلمه، این مراسم که از سوی زندانیانی که در اعتراض به کشته شدن همبندی شان روزه سیاسی گرفته بودند تدارک دیده شده بود در حین برگزاری با قطع برق توسط ماموران امنیتی ناتمام ماند و سپس بیش از ۵٠ نفر نیروی گارد ویژه وارد بند شدند. در این حمله بهمن احمدی امویی، سعید جلالی فر، فرشاد قربان پور، آرش سقر، سعید متین پور و جواد علیخانی بوسیله گارد ویژه به سلول انفرادی منتقل شدند. زندانیان در پاسخ به این یورش شعار "یا حسین ...


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Iran summons Saudi diplomat over plane interception

Tehran Times – Two hours ago
  • Iran summons Saudi diplomat over plane interception in Yemen: ISNA (Yahoo! News)
  • Iran Complains to Red Cross After Saudis Block Flights to Yemen (Bloomberg)
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US Sees Tensions Lessen Over Iranian Ships Near Yemen

VOA News – 14 hours ago
  • Ex-Yemen leader urges rebel allies to heed UN, pull back (Yahoo! News)
  • Iran's Navy Skedaddles From Seas Near Yemen, Pentagon Says (Newsweek)
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Will the GOP take a win on Iran?

Washington Post – Apr 24, 2015
  • U.S. pro-Israel lobby opposes push to toughen Iran nuclear bill (Yahoo! News)
  • The Proposed Iran Nuclear Weapons Law: Fair to Congress and the President (Huffington Post)
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Diplomatic push for final Iran nuclear deal in Vienna

Yahoo! News – Apr 23, 2015
  • Iran demands relief on sanctions as nuclear talks resume (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Timing of sanctions relief a crucial issue as Iran talks resume (Reuters)
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Carter concerned Iran ships may carry arms for Yemen rebels

Yahoo! News – Apr 22, 2015
  • Obama administration sends mixed message on Iranian ships (CNN)
  • 'Preposterous' Mixed Messages on US Shadowing Iranian Convoy Near Yemen ... (Fox News)
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Iran charges Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian with spying

Financial Times – Apr 21, 2015
  • Post reporter jailed in Iran faces 4 charges including espionage (Washington Post)
  • American reporter held in Iran faces espionage and three other crimes (Fox News)
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Israel sentences Belgian-Iranian to seven years for spying

Al-Arabiya – Apr 21, 2015
  • Israel sentences Belgian-Iranian to seven years' jail for spying (Reuters)
  • Israel sentences Belgian-Iranian to seven years' jail for spying (Yahoo! News)
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India Oil Ministry Official Said He Raised Oil Field Issue With Iran

Wall Street Journal – Apr 21, 2015
  • India proposes to produce urea in Iran (Press TV)
  • India pitches for rights to Iranian gas field (India Times)
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Iran Calls for Yemen Cease-Fire

VOA News – Apr 21, 2015
  • US sends carrier to Yemen with eye on Iran convoy (Yahoo! News)
  • Saudi-led strikes hit weapons caches of Iran-backed rebels in Yemen (CBS News)
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Australia, a US ally, to share intelligence with Iran on ISIS

CNN – Apr 20, 2015
  • Australia brokers intelligence-sharing deal with Iran (Yahoo! News)
  • Australia and Iran to share intelligence in campaign against ISIL (Tehran Times)
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