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به گزارش فردا، شبکه ماهواره ای فارسی وان پس از قطع برنامه های خود در ایران به دلیل ارسال پارازیت بر روی امواج این شبکه اقدام به ارسال فرکانس جدید خود به ایمیل تعداد زیادی از فارسی زبانان نموده است. این شبکه ماهواره ای اقدام به پخش سریال های خارجی متعددی با مضامین ضدخانواده و ارزشهای خانوادگی و سنتی ایرانیان با دوبله فارسی می کند.



Latest News

Iran, Russia keen to develop nuclear cooperation: Envoy

Press TV - 14 minutes ago
The file photo shows a view of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant located in south of Iran./ The Iranian Ambassador to Russia says Tehran and Moscow are determined to develop their peaceful nuclear ...


Peace Gets A Chance: Democratic Hawks Back Off Iran Sanctions Bill

Huffington Post - 51 minutes ago
- Hawkish Senate Democrats are backing off an aggressive push for Iran sanctions legislation, saying they'll give President Barack Obama breathing room to let international talks play out over ...


Tourists give hope to residents of battered Lebanese city

Yahoo! News - One hour ago
TRIPOLI, Lebanon (AP) — As the tour group made its way through the narrow alleys of the seaside city of Tripoli, marveling at its medieval architecture, residents stared back at a sight that for ...


Israeli aircraft strike positions in Syria: Israeli army

Yahoo! News - One hour ago
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli aircraft struck Syrian army artillery positions early on Wednesday, the military said, in retaliation for rockets launched at the Israel-occupied Golan Heights a day ...


Obama wins breathing space over Iran

Financial Times - Three hours ago
Barack Obama won some political breathing space at home for his diplomacy with Iran on Tuesday when the Democratic senator who has co-authored a said he would hold off voting on the proposal for ...


Senate Dems oppose Iran sanctions vote before March 24

USA Today - Five hours ago
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits the Bushehr nuclear power plant just outside the port city of Bushehr in southern Iran on Jan. 13, 2015./ Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee made ...


Bob Menendez, Other Senate Democrats To Hold Off On New Iran Bill -- For Now

Huffington Post - Eight hours ago
WASHINGTON, Jan 27 (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, co-sponsor of legislation that would tighten sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, said on Tuesday he and other Democratic ...


Powerful Iran will benefit Palestine: Fatah official

Tehran Times - Eight hours ago
A senior Palestinian Fatah official has hailed progress made at nuclear negotiations between Iran and the world powers and underlined that a more powerful Iran would be more beneficial for ...


Menendez Urges Delay in His Own Iran Sanctions Legislation

Bloomberg - Nine hours ago
The move may slow momentum toward passage of legislation that President Obama has said he’ll veto./ (Bloomberg) -- The top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said he will seek to ...


Democrats fold, of course, on Iran sanctions

Washington Post - Nine hours ago
Unless there is any doubt, the vast majority of Democrats value partisan support for a failed president over support for our own national security and for that of Israel. Hence, they want to delay ...