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بهره برداری از پروژه ملی دوگانه سوز كردن نیروگاه های دیزلی كشور

موج – ۱۸ اکتبر ۲۰۱۱

با برگزاری آیینی در نیروگاه دیزلی سنندج آغاز شد. به گزارش موج به نقل از پایگاه خبری وزارت نیرو، در این آیین مدیرعامل شرکت توزیع نیروی برق استان کردستان با اشاره به روند اجرای این پروژه در سال های اخیر، گفت: پروژه دوگانه سوز کردن نیروگاه های دیزلی کشور در سال های اخیر و با توجه به روند افزایشی قیمت سوخت مایع در شرکت توانیر مطرح و بدین منظور نیروگاه دیزلی سنندج به صورت پایلوت انتخاب شد. "محمدمصطفی نجفیان" ابراز امیدواری کرد: با حاصل شدن نتایج مطلوب، این پروژه در سایر نیروگاه های کشور نیز اجرایی شود. وی با اشاره به هزینه های بالای استفاده از ...



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Stalemate and sanctions

Khaleej Times - Three hours ago
BARACK OBAMA has set the ball rolling in terms of reconciling with Iran./ His stern words in the State of the Union address that he would veto any legislation aimed at slapping new sanctions on ...


Framing ties with Russia in a 'post' post-Cold War era

Yahoo! News - 11 hours ago
Whatever happened to that reset button Hillary Clinton gave her Russian counterpart in 2009 as a sign of renewed ties? No doubt gathering dust, while the West figures out how to handle Moscow now ...


Curtains up for Fajr Film Festival at Tehran theaters

Tehran Times - 13 hours ago
The 33rd Fajr Film Festival opened during a ceremony at Tehran’s Milad Tower last evening./ The ceremony began with reading a message from Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati, who ...


Art news in brief

Tehran Times - 13 hours ago
based Iranian musician and flutist Forugh Karimi will hold master classes at Tehran’s Shahrashub Music Institute from February 12 to 14./ Karimi, 60, is an associate professor and practitioner of ...


Iranian legendary striker Daei hails Iranian Fans

Tehran Times - 13 hours ago
“The standard of football has been very good indeed and from the games I have seen, and there has been very little to choose between the teams taking part,” former Iran coach told ...


Photos: Ahvaz's severe pollution a hot topic on social media

Payvand - 14 hours ago
The severe pollution in Ahvaz, Iran is currently a hot subject on the social media. Ahvazi people are venting their frustration and concerns through public posts or private messages often with a ...


Iran government faces balancing act

Payvand - 14 hours ago
President Rouhani is hard pressed to balance the sheet amid steady slump in oil prices. The Iranian government is grappling with a steady slump in oil prices and President Hassan Rouhani is hard ...


In northern Iraq, Kurds struggle with IS booby traps

Yahoo! News - 15 hours ago
Improved explosive devices, or IEDs, are proving a difficult weapon to overcome for Iraq's Kurds, much as they were for US forces in the country after 2003./ War is always dangerous. But for the ...


Oman to continue acting as mediator in nuclear talks: envoy

Tehran Times - 15 hours ago
The Iranian ambassador to Oman says Muscat will continue its mediatory role in negotiations between Iran and the world powers over Tehran’s nuclear energy program./ In an interview with ISNA ...


Iran condemns terrorist attack to Shia mosque in Pakistan

Tehran Times - 15 hours ago
The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Saturday strongly condemned terrorist attack on a Shia mosque in Shikarpur district of Sindh province in Pakistan on Friday in which more than 40 people were killed ...